Recommendations for Countering Holocaust Distortion to be launched in 2021



Over the course of 2020, the dangers of Holocaust distortion have been more starkly outlined than ever.

Whether at protests against coronavirus measures or in antisemitic campaigns on social media, this troubling phenomenon is on the rise all over the world. Holocaust distortion is a direct attack on the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, and a threat to the fundamental values of democratic societies.

Based on input provided by dozens of IHRA experts and experts outside of the IHRA, a set of recommendations has now been identified for how policy and decision-makers can recognize, prevent and counter Holocaust distortion. As part of the Global Task Force on Holocaust Distortion, initiated by the German Presidency of the IHRA earlier this year, this resource is intended to increase awareness of Holocaust distortion among policy and decision-makers.

Above all, however, it is intended as a practical resource, developed for non-experts, as a first step in understanding the forms Holocaust distortion can take and how to address them. 


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